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Keep your home’s windows crystal clean and looking pristine with Itasca Window Cleaning! We focus on providing homeowners with premium, high-value services at affordable rates. As a professional window cleaning company, we provide a variety of services to help keep your windows and home clean. Our cleaning services range from windows to gutters and more!

Window Cleaning
Itasca Window Cleaning first began by specializing in residential and commercial window cleaning services. Providing professional window cleaning for a single...

Christmas Lights Installations *In Season*
When winter begins to approach, everyone starts to have Christmas decoration ideas. From outdoor Christmas lights and a Christmas light show to blow-up figurines...

Chandelier Cleaning
Do you need specialty cleaning services? Not knowing how to clean a chandelier is perfectly normal for homeowners. A chandelier is not the most common type of light fixture...

Gutter Cleaning
With our team’s expertise, we are also an effective gutter cleaning company. We can take care of your window cleaning and gutters, all in one visit! Equipped with the best gutter cleaning tools...

Exterior Light Cleaning
Most people don’t think about cleaning services for outdoor light fixtures, but our team is capable of helping you keep all of your outdoor LED flood lights, outdoor security lights, and all other outdoor fixtures clean...



Emphasis on Customer Service

With over two full decades of first-hand experience treating customers right, we are the go-to choice of homeowners throughout the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We may have started as a window cleaning service, but we now include a variety of different services in order to provide even more value to our satisfied clients.

As the owner of Itasca Window Cleaning, I have thoroughly learned the industry of each service that we provide and have developed the best customer service practices that keep all of our customers happy and satisfied with the results we deliver. When you work with our team at Itasca Window Cleaning, you get treated as if you were our only customer.

We emphasize the importance of customer service in order to understand all of your needs and deliver you results that you’ll be happy with.

Reviews for Itasca Window Cleaning
Based on 44 Reviews
Carolyn Furzey Granata
July 14 2017
Great service and reasonable priced! Don and his crew did an outstanding job!
Melissa Dunn
July 6 2017
David and Frankie with Itasca Window Cleaning did an amazing job cleaning my air ducts. They walked you through everything they were doing and made you feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!
Quintin Crawford
June 21 2017
I reached out to Don at Itasca Window Cleaning after getting what a thought was too high of a quote for all the work we needed done on our windows. Don was very prompt to respond to my inquiry and he did it with professionalism and humor. Eager to take on new business (as any small business man should be) he came out later that day to see what needed to be done. After he spoke with the boss of the house he had a rock bottom unbeatable quote and we settled on a date after a few more hilarious e-mails. What one of the big companies quoted for just windows and sills, Don had windows and sills, frames, rails and screens. (And jokes) Now, I was not home when the cleaning was done but my In-Laws who tell it like it is, said the work and professionalism was second to none. They were all very kind and neat and did a great job. When I came home I was alarmed because I thought the screens were left off the windows until I realized everything was so clean I couldn’t see them. I honestly didn’t know our windows could be this spotless and clean, I cannot believe I lived with such sub standards. Now I am all crazy about keeping my little one from mucking up the windows and I even catch myself trying to preserve the great work. Now I don’t know what all was communicated between my wife and Don but windows that we didn’t even talk about or discuss were cleaned…if it was clear in our house it was cleaned. Door to the garage, DONE. Front door, DONE. Window in the garage for my spiders to look out, DONE. Absolutely blown away! (Warning: If you are in the middle of a drought and your lawn is dying from no rain, call Don to clean your windows and it will rain the day he is to come out and every day after that!) I’d also like to add we made a last minute decision to have Itasca Window Cleaning do our gutters and once again a great price. I have no idea how good or bad or a job they did but judging by the bag on the side of my house with all the gunk from my gutter, I am rather certain they did a great professional job (rather than leave the crud in the yard like the last company I used did.) Call Don and don’t think twice! He is why you deal with small businesses and when we need him again, he will be our first call and my first recommendation to anyone who reads or asks.
Mary Beth Lucas
July 19 2016
Itasca Window Cleaning is the best. It is like a brand new house when they finish. Don and his crew are trustworthy and so nice to work with. I recommend them to all my friends and family!
Minnie Duncan
July 12 2016
Don and his crew came, very professional and before you knew it they had my windows done. Extremely happy how sparkley they were when done. This was my first experience with having someone do the work. Should of done it years ago.
Wendy H
April 24 2018
Woo-Hoo! These guys are like a cleaning tornado. They were in and out and the windows are spotless and the price was right! All the workers had smiles on their faces and looked like they liked their jobs. I called one day ahead and got next day service. Great company. Highly recommend.
Mike Gournis
April 11 2018
Itasca Window Cleaning did a phenomenal job cleaning our windows.I used them for the first time and i was impressed with their services!
Cindy Wong-Williams
March 2 2018
Excellent work!!
Angela Huettinger
September 10 2017
We moved into our home in late February and the windows were LONG overdue for a cleaning. Full of dirt, grime and spider webs. In addition, aside from being old, some of our windows are a bit odd in how they operate. I was concerned that cleaning them would either be impossible or would require an excessive fee. Don responded within hours of submitting my inquiry on his website and was at our home within a day to do an estimate. The quote he provided was reasonable and his personality and sense of humor really was the finishing touch--we didn't even bother with the other companies we had reached out to. Don and his crew came and cleaned all of our windows inside and out, painstakingly using a putty knife to gently open them. They were both efficient and thorough. Don also vacuumed out our window wells for us. What impressed me the most about this is 1) Don did that himself, not relegating that daunting task to someone else and 2) Don asked if he could go downstairs and see how the window wells turned out. It's obvious that Don and his team take pride in their work. The transformation is remarkable and nearly one month later I still can't get over it! Put your trust in Itasca Window Cleaning, you won't be disappointed.
Miguel A. Santana
August 16 2017
Outstanding excellent work. Very neat and polite. They put everything back in place and are very careful. They also do pressure washing, air duct cleaning and my favorite they doe Christmas lighting!
Sarah Eckstein-Leather
August 16 2017
1000 times recommend Itasca Window Cleaning! They were in and out in about an hour and were very conscientious about moving things out of the way as they cleaned. We have and will continue to recommend them to family and friends!
Krystle Harte
August 16 2017
We just moved into a town home where I don't think the previous owners ever cleaned the windows... so these guys came out and did a spectacular job, especially getting the old UV stickers off that were peeling off the windows. Very fast, efficient, clean, and soooo polite! Ill be using you guys again! Thanks
Carolyn Furzey Granata
July 14 2017
Great service and reasonable priced! Don and his crew did an outstanding job!
Christy Matthies-Weathers
June 12 2017
Itasca Window Cleaning did a fabulous job making my home's windows sparkle! After moving into a new home, it was necessary for the windows to get some much needed TLC. Don's crew worked efficiently and professionally. I couldn't be happier with the crystal clear view. Not to mention, the guys did an excellent job cleaning up the windows' tracks of all the grime. Thanks again!
Teresa Wallace
May 26 2017
Great job! My Windows were so clean that two birds flew into my windows. The birds are ok! Thank you for doing my dryer vents as well
Julie Kondracki
May 26 2017
My windows look AMAZING!!!! Thank you Itasca window cleaners for your awesome service. The only bad thing about having such clean windows is that these poor birds keep knocking themselves out flying into my super shiny windows!
Deana Brady
May 11 2017
Professional, clean, priced reasonably and easy to schedule-if you haven't had your windows clean-call them! You will not be disappointed!
Michelle Joyce Huber
May 4 2017
Wow!! Apparently I was unaware of what truly 'clean windows' looked like! I have used other window cleaning services in the past and I can attest that Don and his crew go above and beyond! Not only do I have crystal clean windows, but I was also treated to exemplary customer service. Way to go Itasca Window Cleaning...you have yet another fan! Thank you!!!
Julie David
April 29 2017
I really liked the way the crew cleaned my windows. Awesome job. Very professional yet personable. Don was great to set up the appointment and David was so kind and friendly. The crew was great. Thank you!
Jaime Spindler Willson
April 20 2017
We can see!!! Our house looks like the day we bought it with windows this clean. Amazing work!! Thank you!
Mike Lubben
April 15 2017
High quality, efficient, friendly and professional is the best way to describe Don and his crew. They came when they said they would and charged exactly what was estimated. We're very happy customers and would highly recommend them!
Linda Dogan
April 7 2017
Thanks so much for the excellent job on my windows! Don was terrific, price was so reasonable and they did a great job! Fast, efficient and professional! Will definitely be using them in the future! Thanks!
Colleen Gibbons
April 1 2017
Don and his staff are wonderful professionals. They do topnotch work whether cleaning windows or placing Christmas lights. We highly recommend.
Vince Boyer
November 29 2016
Don Vehrs and his crew at Itasca Window Cleaning did a great job at my home. Very professional with friendly people will definitely use again.
Kate Fulton Curran
October 12 2016
I had my windows cleaned by them. I was very happy the job!! They are extremely professional & very nice to work with!!
Therese Surges
October 9 2016
Thanks for two jobs well done at my home in Plainfield. The windows look amazing - they sparkle like I've never been able to do. I just moved into my home and could not get my windows clean. They had some sort of film on them. Don and his guy came out and the windows look like brand new. They went above and beyond my expectations. After my amazing window cleaning, I made an appointment to have my air ducts cleaned! It was a pleasure to have Dave here to do the duct cleaning. He was very polite and explained every aspect of the work that he did. I felt he was thorough and definitely an asset to the company. Thank you for a job well done - again. I'm breathing easy.
Gail Herff
September 30 2016
This was the first time I've had someone do my windows. They did a great job! Very customer oriented - I called on Thursday and they were done the next day! The crew was very prompt, polite and efficient. The windows look great - best part is that I didn't have to do them! I highly recommend them!
Sandra Kingsnorth-Herman
September 14 2016
Thank you so much for excellent professional work. I was just expecting an estimate and got all my windows and gutters cleaned the same day. Not only my windows but the sky lights, and front lights I didn't expect to be included. Soooo Happy!Sandy K. Oh forgot to mention I was informed my front gutters need attending to , which I didn't notice until Don pointed out.
Kelly T
August 26 2016
GREAT WORK! Don and his crew did a fantastic job on our windows! We have a lot of windows and they were efficient, organized and professional. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality work. I plan on using them again!!!
Char Kruszowski Prondzinski
August 24 2016
We had Itasca Window Cleaning out yesterday to clean our windows and air ducts. Our windows look amazing, they have never looked so good!! Very professional company I would highly recommend them!!

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Itasca Window Cleaning has progressively added more cleaning services to our team’s repertoire. We offer the following services and more for Itasca and surrounding areas:
  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Exterior-Only Window Cleaning
  • Storm Window Cleaning
  • Screen Cleaning
  • Window Sill Cleaning
  • Interior Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Cleaning
  • Sky Light Cleaning
  • Exterior Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Window Wells Cleaning
We provide cleaning services for outdoor light fixtures, chandelier cleaning services, cleaning of gutters, window cleaning for both interiors and exteriors, and much more. Our team also specializes in professional Christmas decorating services to help our clients reduce the stress of having to put up and take down Christmas lights during the winter season! Give us a call today and ask about our Christmas light set-up and removal services.
Need to clean your windows? Have gutters that need to be cleaned? Have hard-to-reach lightning and fans that need to be dusted or cleaned? Give us a call today at Itasca Window Cleaning! Our comprehensive list of cleaning services will help you to keep your home clean without all the extra effort.
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